Kitty Kaviar

A few months ago, during a long weekend visit with my friend Charlotte, we were out on a lark in the riverfront shopping area in her community. I consider myself no shopper, but in some mysterious way Charlotteis usually able to loosen my tether, so I came home with a new book, paintbrushes, and sketching journals. But there was only thing I can say that she really made me do. She took me into her favorite boutique, “Bone Appetit”. When it comes to animal companions, she is of undivided mind, no questions asked. How could I shirk my responsibility to my cats left at home alone, with her standing there? Even she herself has been know to say, “Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving.” I walked out of the boutique (Bone Appetit) with a rather pricy tin of Kitty Kaviar. I didn’t tell Charlotte, but I have never given my cats treats. They are little ascetic beings–I thought–not desiring, and certainly not needing any such rich indulgence. And it was the case, that when they first were presented with this odd stuff in their bowls, they withdrew suspiciously. Somewhat later they kind of sidled up to it and sniffed at it. The second time it was offered, they were not excited, though mildly interested…..Time passes….Every day, as soon as I walk in the house, my big boy, Thresh, is standing by his bowl looking up at me, and whimpering his desire–he who or otherwise rarely makes a squeak. I thought that if I were to keep this up, I would have to find a more economically viable mode. I noticed a little caption on the package, “bonito”. I used to make a soup stock with bonito flakes (for medicinal purposes, of course) back in my macrobiotic phase. So I knew I could get a generic version at an Oriental market–a nice big package. My hunch was a good one. Now I transfer the contents to the Kitty Kaviar tin, to keep in the spirit of the thing, although my cats have never been interested in brands, per se. And by the way, these delicate fish flakes really do make a delictable Asian style soup along with Kombu (a type of kelp), scallions, maybe a little Shitake mushroom, Shoyu, and fresh grated ginger root, all served over buckwheat soba noodles. All of these are available at a good natural foods market. Thresh and Winnow and I are in accord on this.
They must also be rather pleased, as I am, with the Charlotte connection, as it is always to our great benefit, providing our home a less constrained and more amiable ambiance, full of happiness and many amenities of friendship. Very healthful for us all. Look for more on this in future posts.


3 Responses to “Kitty Kaviar”

  1. 1 Tia January 23, 2007 at 7:30 am

    Ah! I can’t wait to meet your kitties! I especially love big boy cats; will he let me hold him? “Man-cats” I call ’em, :-). I read your post over breakfast to David; good writing too!

  2. 2 Dolly January 24, 2007 at 10:53 am

    Where have you been hiding your hilarity? I chuckled with delight the first go-round and laughed out loud, by myself on the second, a day later. Your written “kraft” is as distinct and layered as your paint and needle. Who else could morph “Bone Appetit” into “bon appetit”? Who else could pencil herself into Quick Book? Who else could produce such understated abundance from a “b” and an “i”? I’ll be returning often.

  3. 3 Demetrius February 8, 2007 at 4:39 am

    Okay, now I feel really bad. Cathy and I kind of swore off pets after we had to put down the greyhound couple a few years ago. However, around Thanksgiving, a calico cat started hanging out in our yard (good bird and mice hunting grounds, I’m sorry to say). Anyway, it started with leftovers in the yard, then the first purchased cat food at Christmas, then more time in the house than out. (Then the litter box, of course.)

    But that’s not what I feel bad about. Not only do we not indulge the cat with treats, we haven’t even given her a name yet. Let’s just say we’re a little attachment phobic after the greyhounds. No collar, no commitments or expectations, right?

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